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LEADS Coach Certification

LEADS Canada, operating through the Canadian College of Health Leaders, is pleased to offer LEADS certification and licensing for certified coaches.

Certified LEADS Coaches are qualified to debrief the LEADS 360 Assessment. The LEADS 360 Assessment is a popular tool used across Canada and the popularity of this tool is growing. Appropriate debriefing of the LEADS 360 Assessment is a requirement for client purchase of LEADS 360 assessment licenses. LEADS Canada provides three options for debriefing:

  • Individual Debrief (90 minutes): by Skype or telephone
  • Group Debrief: face to face presentation
  • Individual Debrief (30 minutes), available only in conjunction with the Group Debrief: by Skype or telephone
  • Written Organizational LEADS 360 Aggregate Report Interpretation

LEADS Canada also offers the following option to the client organization:

Certified LEADS Coach's biographies are listed on the LEADS Canada website. LEADS Canada will assign the debriefings to the coaches and advise the individual client regarding their assigned coach.  The client will be provided with a link to the coach profiles page on the website so they can review your profile. LEADS Canada will contact you to confirm your availability for the work, provide you with coachee contact information and the organization’s preferred debriefing window (usually a two week window in which to complete the debriefings). A pdf of the subject’s LEADS 360 Assessment report will be sent to you upon completion of the assessment process.  Your role will be to coordinate a meeting time with the participant and to complete the debrief.  You will then submit your invoice to the LEADS Canada for payment within two weeks of completing the debrief.

How to Apply

Eligibility & Requirements:
  • LEADS knowledge and experience (for example, ‘Coaching with LEADS’ course offered at Royal Roads University and/or attendance at a LEADS Learning Series);
  • Certified coach qualifications (ICF ACC level or equivalent)
  • $550 (this includes a non-refundable $50.00 application fee)
Submitting an Application

Intake of new Certified LEADS Coaches occurs periodically throughout the year. Applications are submitted online and are only accepted when intake for new coaches is scheduled and promoted through the LEADS Canada website.

Following the submission deadline date, applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of their eligibility to participate in the certification process. This can take up to four weeks to process. If an application is not accepted, the application will be reimbursed $500.00, minus the $50 administration fee.

No longer accepting applications for the Spring 2018 intake.

For more information on the next intake, please contact Tracy Wightman, Manager, LEADS Learning and Development Programs at or 1-800-363-9056 ext 232.

Certification Process

Successful applicants are required to do the following in order to become a certified LEADS Coach:
  • Register and attendance at two two-hour training webinars on debriefing LEADS 360 Assessments:
    • LEADS Individual Debrief training and process orientation; and
    • LEADS Aggregate Report interpretation and LEADS Coach consultant policy and opportunities.
  • Sign and submit a LEADS Coach licensing document; and
  • Submit their biography and photo for posting on the LEADS Canada website.

Upon completion of the two webinars, you will enter into a licensing arrangement with the Canadian College of Health Leaders to provide LEADS Coaching services based on the training and commitments that include:
  • The legal and ethical obligations of codes of ethics of the International Coach Federation and the Canadian College of Health Leaders .
  • Following confirmation of availability, honouring the timelines requested in the LEADS 360 process.
  • Respecting the copyright and IP properties of the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework, the LEADS 360 Assessment tool, and related documents (copyright and IP belong to the Canadian College of Health Leaders).
  • Commit to the LEADS coaching rates.
  • Initial LEADS 360 Aggregate Report Interpretation(s) to be co-authored with an experienced certified LEADS Coach (at a reduced rate).
  • Participate in the LEADS 360 Debriefing Evaluation process.
  • Adherence to the CCHL Travel Expense Policy when required and to the LEADS 360 Assessment and Debriefing Policy and Procedure.
  • Re-certification will be required every two-years to provide you with updates in debriefing practices, tools and materials.

Once certified and licensed, LEADS Certified Coaches have access to:
  • All individual debrief materials (PowerPoint and workbooks);
  • Working tools and template for the organizational LEADS 360 Aggregate Report Interpretation;
  • Their bio and contact information posted on the LEADS Canada website;
  • Access to the LEADS Community of Practice; and
  • Electronic (pdf) version of the LEADS booklet.



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