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LEADS Canada Facilitator Certification

LEADS Facilitation

Learning is optimized when participants can immerse themselves in a supportive, inclusive learning environment where real situations provide the context for practical learning. LEADS Canada promotes a facilitative approach to learning. The LEADS Facilitation certification category certifies that participants are knowledgeable about the LEADS framework, its history, its adoption across Canada, and how the capabilities are linked to leadership at all levels and across organizational departments. In addition, facilitators will possess facilitation competencies, have a deep understanding and appreciation of how adults learn, and also have the ability to design learning and build environments that optimize learning for all participants. Certified LEADS Facilitators are equipped to enhance the ability of health organizations to integrate LEADS resources into their current programs, initiatives and priorities related to leadership development and succession planning for organizations.

LEADS Canada Facilitators

LEADS Canada Facilitators have a heightened depth of knowledge in leadership development theory and practice, and the ability to adapt learning opportunities to a variety of settings and strategic directions and goals. The LEADS Canada Facilitator certification program is designed to reflect and recognize candidates’ unique skills and experience in facilitation combined with their expertise in leadership, healthcare and the LEADS framework.

Upon successful completion of the certification program, participants will be certified for three years as a LEADS Canada Facilitator and will be recognized as such on the LEADS Canada website. LEADS Canada Facilitators have access to the online LEADS Community for Practice for certified LEADS Canada Facilitators, which has a membership from across Canada. They will also receive a LEADS Canada Facilitator License which is a license to use LEADS content and LEADS marks when delivering LEADS-based services independently or under contract with LEADS Canada. 

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