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For more information on our certification program:

Tracy Wightman
Manager, LEADS Learning and Development Programs
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1-800-363-9056 ext. 232

Renewal Requirements

Renewal Requirements

In order for LEADS Canada Facilitators to renew their three-year certification, the following requirements must be completed:

1. Submission of LEADS Canada Facilitator Self-Directed Assessment/Learning & Development Plan:

Step One: Setting the Stage - Self-Assessment

    1. Assess capabilities as a leader and facilitator using the LEADS Self-Assessment Tool. Develop evidence for the assessment and prepare to explain rationale.
Step Two: Learning & Development Plan
    1. Create a Learning & Development Plan for areas of needed development based on the Self-Assessment.
    2. Create portfolio of deliverables that demonstrate completion of the Learning Plan
Step Three: Evaluation and Mentorship* (at an additional fee, if this step is required)
    1. Submission of self-guided evaluation and learning & development plan
    2. Mentorship with a LEADS Canada Consultant for review of Self-Assessment results and mentoring of plan
    3. Gain approval to proceed with renewal of certification.
*Step Three only applicable when deemed necessary through indication of three or more LEADS Canada session summary evaluations that the LEADS Canada Facilitator could further develop certain skills.

2. Participation in a renewal webinar (DATE to be provided) which will include:
  1. Review and update of LEADS Canada processes and procedures.
  2. Interaction and dialogue with other LEADS Canada Facilitators as an opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences.
3. Participation in one or more LEADS Canada events or offerings e.g.: LEADS Exchange Day, LEADS Summit Series modules.

Proof of maintenance of credentials.

5. Payment of the 3-year licensing renewal fee of $1,500.
Payment plans are available and include:
    1. Full payment of $1,500 at time of registration to renewal webinar;
    2. Pay over the three-years in instalments of $500 per year; or
    3. One instalment of $1,000 (two years) plus one instalment of $500 (third year).