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For more information on our certification program:

Tracy Wightman
Manager, LEADS Learning and Development Programs
613-235-7218 or
1-800-363-9056 ext. 232

Eligibility & Requirements

Certification Eligibility

All of the following requirements must be met.

Option A:
  1. LEADS Knowledge;
    1. Organizational LEADS Facilitator Certification, OR
    2. Extensive LEADS learning plus experience (reviewed and approved by a LEADS Consultant).
  2. Leadership credential and work experience;
    1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in Leadership, Management, or Organizational Development, or CHRP.
  3. Certified Facilitation credential (IAF or equivalent); and
  4. CCHL membership
Option B:
  1. Related Facilitation and instructional skills/adult learning experience expressed in the following areas:
    1. LEADS Framework content, knowledge and integration into practice;
    2. Leadership and Change Management theories knowledge (critical thinking and application);
    3. Facilitation Skills (knowledge and application);
    4. Adult Learning Theory (knowledge and application); and
    5. Designing learning opportunities and adapting to organizational needs
  2. Evaluation of above, reviewed and approved by LEADS Consultant; and
  3. CCHL membership.

*A reasonable combination of Options A and B may be reviewed and deemed sufficient for eligibility.

Program Requirements

Successful applicants to the LEADS Canada Facilitator Certification program are required to complete the following:

1. Successful completion of the LEADS Canada Facilitator Self-Directed Assessment/Learning & Development Plan.

Step One: Self-Assessment
  1. Assess your capabilities as a leader and facilitator using the LEADS Self-Assessment Tool. Develop evidence for your assessment and prepare to explain your rationale.
  2. LEADS Canada will assign you a mentor for the process.
Step Two: Learning & Development Plan
  1. Review the results and compiled evidence of the LEADS Self-Assessment Tool with your mentor.
  2. Create a Learning & Development Plan for areas of needed development based on the Self-Assessment and discussion with your mentor.
  3. Review plan with mentor; gain approval to proceed.
Step Three: Learning & Development
  1. Conduct Learning & Development Plan.
  2. Create portfolio of deliverables that demonstrate completion of the Learning Plan.
Step Four: Evaluation
  1. Submit the portfolio to your mentor.
  2. Your mentor reviews portfolio; adjudicates re expectations: Have you met expectations, OR Is there more work to be done?
  3. Review the results with your mentor.
  4. Your mentor recommends you to LEADS Canada as (1) Complete: ready for certification; or (2) Incomplete; more work to be done.
  5. LEADS Canada issues certification and license OR you return to Step Two and revise the Learning & Development Plan.

2. Develop and deliver, upon request, a LEADS-based webinar responding to the current healthcare climate.

3. To renew for the next licensing term, participate in one or more LEADS Canada events or offerings e.g.: LEADS Exchange Day, LEADS Summit Series modules.

4. Participate in a Process and Procedures orientation webinar with the LEADS Canada team.