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Veuillez noter que pour l'instant, tous les événements LEADS sont listés en anglais seulement. 

Past Webinars

Webinar: Powerful Decisions get Powerful Results through releasing Powerful Leadership, with Bruce Swan

COVID-19 It has caused leaders to shift how they make decisions to move forward in a rapidly changing environment. facilitates a conversation around making and implementing 'Powerful Decisions to get Powerful Results through releasing Powerful Leadership' during the pandemic.

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Webinar: Linking Leadership and Innovation – fostering a lasting innovation culture with Dr Ellen Melis

The pandemic has been an opportunity for innovation in healthcare. In this webinar, Dr Ellen Melis explored how the concept of open innovation applies to healthcare, how to foster creativity, and what system, organizational and operational changes are required to foster lasting innovation for transformational change moving forward. 

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Webinar: Developing coalitions from the outside in: A customer service approach with Dr Graham Dickson

COVID-19 respects no organizational boundaries, no sector boundaries, and no professional boundaries. In this webinar Developing coalitions from the outside in: A customer service approach, Dr. Graham Dickson, take a deep dive into the Develop Coalitions domain of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework.

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Webinar: Pandemic Gifts - Canada’s Pandemic Response: Key Learnings for Building our Future, with Françoise Morissette

COVID-19 took the world by surprise, then by storm, compelling us to adapt to new realities which considerably impact our individual, social and professional lives. Discuss how how we faced the storm, what we learned and how do we emerge. In this webinar, Françoise Morissette explores Canada's current pandemic response

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Webinar: Vertical leadership development: Accelerating your leadership in a VUCA world

Nadine Whelan facilitates a conversation around the power and potential of vertical leadership development. This webinar gave participants the opportunity to engage with and share innovative ideas and practices that can be integrated into your own development as well as support you in enabling the learning of others and in designing more holistic leadership development programs.

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Campfire Chats Webinar: A Talk from the Heart with Elder Little Brown Bear

Ernest W Matton (Elder Little Brown Bear), CCHL Human Spirit Award recipient, highly respected Métis Elder, and spiritual ambassador, will join us for a chat and share, through traditional teachings with mainstream information, holistic healing approaches for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members and professional disciplines.

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Campfire Chats Webinar: Leading Diversity and Change

Marni Panas, Diversity and Inclusion program manager with Alberta Health Services and recipient of the 2019 CCHL Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award, will illuminate the key components of effective leadership in relation to diversity, framed within LEADS. She shares her thoughts on opportunities for hope and improvement with respect to diversity.

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Webinar: Resilience: Lead balloon or rubber ball - How high can I bounce?

Resilience is a personal leadership attributes as it requires us to continually refuel our tank, but what is the cost of NOT taking the time, for ourselves, our team, our community? This ALP webinar is based on the topic of resilience, related to the Lead Self domain of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework. Facilitated by Bruce McLeod.

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Summit Series Webinar: Growth Mindset – A Strengths Based Approach to Team Development

This webinar from our ALP- Summit Series, Michelle Gilchrist, takes a deep dive into cutting edge topics related to the Engage Others capability. Join Ms. Gilchrist as she takes the coach approach to facilitating a conversation around the growth mindset, framed within the domains of the LEADS framework. 

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Campfire Chats Webinar: Using LEADS to Navigate a Health Crisis: Perspectives from a Senior Canadian Military Health Leader

Colonel Scott Malcolm has led various pandemic-related operations including being the lead CAF medical planner for CAF support to long-term care facilities in Quebec and Ontario. Join Colonel Malcolm MD in a dialogue with Brenda Lammi and Jaason Geerts, PhD on how he has used the LEADS Framework to guide his leadership style while navigating the complexity presented by the pandemic.

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Summit Series Webinar: Leverage your coaching and feedback skills to have impactful development conversations

In this webinar from our ALP- Summit Series, Doug Miron explores how you can leverage your coaching and feedback skills to have impactful development conversations that tap into your employees' creativity and inspire innovative solutions. 

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Campfire Chats Webinar: Empathetic Leadership – Caring for the Mental Health of Our Teams and Ourselves

Brenda Lammi, Dr. Jaason Geerts and special guest, Dr Peter Selby, chat about empathetic leadership. Dr. Selby is the Chief of Medicine at CAMH, a professor at the UofT and author. Dr. Selby’s exemplary career and expertise position him well to illuminate the key components of effective leadership in relation to mental health, framed within the domains of the LEADS framework.

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Camfpire Chats Webinar: Leadership in Long-term Care When It Is Most Needed

Join our own Brenda Lammi, Dr. Jaason Geerts with our special guest, Karen Baillie, FCCHL , for a campfire-style chat on leadership in Long-Term Care. Karen has more than 35 years’ experience in geriatric care and is the CEO of Menno Place in Abbotsford, BC. 

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Campfire Chats Webinar: Resilience during a Crisis – Wisdom from Olympic Champions

Join Dr. Jaason Geerts and our special guest, Dr. Peter Jensen , sports psychologist, for a campfire-style chat on resilience during a crisis. Dr. Jensen’s experience coaching elite athletes positions him well to provide expertise into the key components of resilience during a crisis, framed within the domains of the LEADS framework.

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Summit Series Webinar: Leadership presence: what does your communication style say about your Leadership?

The second webinar from online module-based Advanced Leadership Program (ALP). This webinar was hosted by Kathleen Paterson, BaSc, MA, CEC, CHE Program Coach and certified LEADS Coach.

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